Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Knee

So I got in a really bad car accident on August 21, 2009 I was on my home from a concert and I fell asleep I know I’m stupid... I was in the stupid hospital for 4 day it sucked so bad I had great nurses. The good thing is that I only fracture my knee I have a couple of scars on my face but I’ll be alright..

This is my swollen knee I took this picture yesterday.... It’s really swollen cause I haven’t wore my brace for 5 days but I hate wearing it cause people stare too much and I look crippled lol But I have to wear tell the doctor tells me not to fuck I hate my life (well sometime) They say it take 6 weeks for a fracture knee to heal and its gonna be 5 week on Friday.. But I think they lied to me cause I feel like it’s gonna take longer. Knee please get better soon I miss bending you... 

My stupid Brace I hate it!!!!!!!

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  1. Wearing the brace is probably a good idea babe. I fractured my pinky finger on each hand during basketball in high school about 5 yrs ago and even though it was just a pinky finger, it never healed right and doesn't bend completely. I figured it was only a pinky and playing basketball was more important, so I didn't bother letting it heal right. Plus I said, ehh just be a man about it ;) Anyways, shit happens and sorry to hear about your accident.