Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Knee

So I got in a really bad car accident on August 21, 2009 I was on my home from a concert and I fell asleep I know I’m stupid... I was in the stupid hospital for 4 day it sucked so bad I had great nurses. The good thing is that I only fracture my knee I have a couple of scars on my face but I’ll be alright..

This is my swollen knee I took this picture yesterday.... It’s really swollen cause I haven’t wore my brace for 5 days but I hate wearing it cause people stare too much and I look crippled lol But I have to wear tell the doctor tells me not to fuck I hate my life (well sometime) They say it take 6 weeks for a fracture knee to heal and its gonna be 5 week on Friday.. But I think they lied to me cause I feel like it’s gonna take longer. Knee please get better soon I miss bending you... 

My stupid Brace I hate it!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Im obsessed with Torii Hunter

Ok well not is he fucken fine but he is the BEST center fielder in the MLB He has a great sence of humor if you check out all his interview he allways is smiling and always has to say something funny I LOVE him I hope he stay with Angels for the rest of his career I am also a HUGE Angels fan and to have the love of my life play for as is GREAT. If i could tell Torii anything I would just let him know that Im so proud to be his #1 fan  :) I love you Torii


Im soo excited I started my own blog..... I am sooo going to post all the kkrazy shit in my life and aLL the kkrazy suff I find :)